The Association of International Schools (AIS) represents and supports the educational and public interest of member schools and their communities by promoting and improving international education.


The Association of international schools works to promote international and intercultural understanding. In doing so the association espouses a number of values – peace, freedom, equality, tolerance and the celebration of both diversity and similarity – which express for the Association the essential meaning and purpose of multiculturalism and international mindedness. The Association believes that young people should face the challenges arising from the acceptance of these values and is supportive of all organizations which share its conviction about internationalism, international mindedness and international education in all its forms and wherever it may be found.


To further world peace and international understanding through education
To encourage the creation of new international schools.
To encourage co-operation among international or internationally-minded schools through consultation on teaching and administrative questions.
To nurture interest in national schools of international matters as a means of improving international understanding.
To publicize the aims and principles of international schools and promote international understanding among national schools.
Advance the professional development of staff of member schools
Facilitate communication and cooperative action among member schools