Our Services

AIS is a full-service association providing a wide range of services for our members. Providing services for members is the core of AIS. We offers a variety of unique solutions tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. We offer interesting prospects for ambitious professional newcomers and experienced applicants on an international level.


We invite you to engage and celebrate with us the achievements of both AIS and students from other international schools and appreciate their strong passion for technology, art, health, sustainable development and much more. Each of the schools exhibiting has selected high-quality student works that best reflects the skill and dedication required to succeed in their respective art courses. We hope that the display of their work in a professional setting will give added fuel to the students' passion for art. All the courses on offer to students across each school allows them to work independently and with guidance, explore and expand personal interests and develop and master existing and new techniques.

The outcomes produced, reflect the student's individuality, determination and commitment in science and technology. From a small team of teachers and students formed to share ideas, support each other and inspire students, we extend our support to professional job aspirants and managers. For each school individually it has provided a great opportunity for students to network, get inspiration and learn from one another. As a collective we are thrilled to be able to exhibit so many pieces and for so long in this exceptional space. We are very grateful to our hosts. Our hope is that the project will continue to grow, develop and inspire – stirring-up creativity island-wide.