Guided by an Advisory Board of distinguished experts, AIS will be dedicated to providing its members top quality education and career development programs, and other membership benefits including information exchange and peer networking that advance their skills. Through professional certification and qualifications, AIS members will stand out as leaders in the field. AIS Board of Directors role is pivotal in developing and implementing AIS’s mission and also lead to the growth and continuance of the association by respecting its By-laws and Statutes.

AIS Team

Dr.Mario Fabio Polidoro

Executive Director


Educational Collaborative For International Schools-chief Operating Officer


Strategic Mathematic Advisor



Department of Science


Head Of Little Flower International School Rome, Europe




A Message From Our Executive Director

Education is an enduring course that does not end in any specific field of knowledge. It unfolds and extends broadly and is encompassed by individuals and societies. It cannot be seen as just one skill to learn or even a set of facts to be acquired or to be purchased. This is the AIS belief. So often it is hard to envision what the world will look like in 20 or 30 years, as we are caught up in the day-to-day. The needs of our students, however, demand that we not idly wait for that time to arrive. We must look forward to their future — who will be leading our educational system; who should be leading our educational system? How must it change to meet the needs of tomorrow’s graduates? What will be required to lead in the future, what qualities, what qualifications, what vision will prepare us for education in 20 years?

As both our states and the federal government grapple with the future of our educational system, each of us has the opportunity to play a role in leading for the future. Whether you are a teacher, a principal or a superintendent, you know that our education system needs to look forward, not just making tweaks, but making wholesale changes that stir our thinking and test our abilities.

We must begin to think toward the future and prepare not just for this generation, but for the next. Leading for the future will take foresight and courage — are we up to the challenge?

Finally, in today's times where the world is now termed as a global village, the secret to accomplishment lies in overcoming every obstacle in the path as a challenge to our own capabilities and an experience in a perpetual learning process at AIS, we promise to show you how to realize these ambitions and the ideal path to your destination and We are grateful to all our members for sharing their visions and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities we face in Leading for the Future.

With Regards,

Executive Director