AIS vision is to promote and develop ‘Excellence in international education, research and scholarship across the globe, in pursuit of a more just and equitable world thereby awaken the sensible global citizen through tech based education worldwide especially through artificial intelligence’.

Our vision is to represent and promote international education around the globe in partnership with national, regional and international associations, schools, scholars and educators. We create and maintain an engaged community of educators and plug-ins. We upkeep and expedite participation in mutual exchanges of research and curriculum resources. We promote didactic tactics and dogmas for a more just and equitable world.


  • To further world peace and international understanding through education.
  • To encourage the creation of new international schools.
  • To encourage co-operation among international or internationally-minded schools through consultation on teaching and administrative questions.
  • To nurture interest in national schools of international matters as a means of improving international understanding.
  • To publicize the aims and principles of international schools and promote international understanding among national schools.
  • Advance the professional development of staff of member schools
  • Facilitate communication and cooperative action among member schools